Hotel Anthology Magazine


Over the course of 7 months I directed a project that, when the finished item was created, was a platform for new and upcoming comic creators to showcase their work. It was funded in part by the Worcestershire Arts Partnership with help from the Elmly Foundation, and also a successful Kickstarter campaign. 

The Hotel Anthology Magazine is an anthology of short comic stories set within the fictional Hotel Anthologée. It features the work of 14 illustrators from all over the world (including myself), and has been Risoprinted in red, green, and yellow by the Birmingham based company, Rope Press.

It was my job over the entire course of the project to make sure the illustrators were keeping o the deadlines, that the work was of a good quality and fit the specifications, and that it was properly advertised so as to raise the money needed from the kickstarter.

From the Kickstarter campaign I successfully managed to raise just over £1200, the money from which went into helping pay the printing of the magazine, along with postcards, stickers, and a silkscreen printed poster. You can view the kickstarter here.

Since printing, the Hotel Anthology magazine has received a high amount of praise for its beautiful colours and wonderful stories.

As a means of making the magazine more accessible to people I also created a Twitter account for it, along with a website, and online shop. 

Scroll down the page to view pictures and videos of the project.