Inktober 2018 - Knights of Gartania


During the month of October in 2018, and the days that followed it in November, I redrew my old Knights of Gartania designs as part of the Inktober challenge, and an extra twenty-eight new characters that I hadn't drawn as a part of the original fifteen.

From there I coloured them using a limited pallet of 3 colours (Teal, Crimson, and Black), and prepared them for print.

To help fund the cost of printing I ran a successful kickstarter that from Feb - Mar 2019 and raised £1646 which allowed me to get it produced as a hard-backed novel. I marketed, and subsequently edited, the book as a Dungeons and Dragons character book as I felt this would both help the book sell, and also present me with a challenge to showcase my work in a way that I hadn't done so before.

For each of the Knights I wrote up and created simplified characters sheets for readers to use within their games, complete with family trees and weapon descriptions.

As part of the project I also created 3 poster designs, 2 of which I had risoprinted and were edited pages from within the book, and the third I had digitally printed and was also use as part of the cover of the book.

You can buy a copy of this Inktober book from my Etsy here


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